What is Jeeng Traffic By OS/Device?

Some general stats on where Jeeng Ads are views by OS/Device type

Jeeng primarily measures its performance by engagement on its advertisements.  We value the click the most in our optimization and placement algorithms. As such open rates in email play a smaller part in our decision making.  That being said, with Apple's announcement at WWDC, that they will be limiting tracking related to open rates within their apple mail products, many customers are interested in where customers are engaging with on our network.
As Litmus.com  reports 45% apple iPhone  market share... we are in line with that number as well.

https://emailclientmarketshare.com/ for their full report .
Jeeng Summary of views by device/ OS type are
  • iOS: 37%
  • Proxy (examples: gmail/yahoo): 34%
  • Desktop: 28%
  • Android tablet 1%
  • Android phone 3%