Why isn’t your direct sold ad campaign showing up?

There are a number of reasons why your direct sold isn't appearing. Below are good starting points to check in GAM

Why isn’t your direct sold ad showing up?

There are a few reasons this could be happening. Here are a few things to check within Google Ad Manager:

    • Ad creative type - this can only be Image+URL, Gif+URL, non-script tags or certain HTML. Javascript, HTML5, Video, Rich Media, and iframe won’t work within email.
    • Campaign dates - make sure that your dates are set within the time you are viewing the live or test email so that the ad will show up.
    • Geolocation option - This will not work within email, since Google Ad Manager was not built to work in email, if this option is selected, it will break our code and the result will be backfill or failsafe ads will show. View this article for more details here.
  • Key Value Pairs - If the Jeeng team never set up the Key Values that you’d like to target in your ad tag code, then applying Key Value targeting will break the code, and the result will be either backfill or a failsafe showing up. Please speak with your Jeeng contact about getting those Key Values added to your ad tags beforehand. 
  • Extra ad units no longer in use - It’s very important to let Jeeng know if any ad units are not being placed in your newsletter templates after we’ve created the code for them, so we can deactivate the unused ad units. It can cause issues resulting in failsafe ads showing if those unused ad units aren’t deactivated.