Why am I seeing click or impression discrepancies between my service provider and Jeeng?

When viewing ESP data versus GAM or Jeeng data, you will see discrepancies for a variety of reasons.

Different providers may count metrics differently, so in this article we have outlined some of the factors that can contribute to click and impression discrepancies when comparing Jeeng numbers to another provider. 

Time Zone Differences

All times at Jeeng are always presented in UTC. Please check the time zones of your ESP and Google Ad Manager account if you are using an ad server to ensure that you are basing the comparison from your previous provider on the same time zone.

Difference Between Gross and Net Unique Impressions and Clicks

Some providers will present the gross number of impressions and clicks, that is the number of impressions without any filtering taking place. Jeeng’s network shows the net unique numbers of impressions. This means that Jeeng will show impressions that are valid and will only show how many distinct user impressions were served per day. It is likely that other providers would show a higher number in this instance. If you require gross numbers, please reach out to your Account Manager who will be able to assist you with this.


In some instances, even though the other provider reports net numbers, there can still be a discrepancy. This is in fact a very common occurrence due to differences in methodologies amongst providers. Below are a few ways Jeeng filters out impressions.

Invalid Traffic

We remove what we consider to be invalid traffic from the totals. Invalid traffic is defined as traffic that should not result in the advertiser being charged due to testing, bots, spiders, and other malicious actors. We use  proprietary methods of detection to achieve this.

Our first line of defense is the concept of Unique Users. We limit the amount of times an impression or a click is counted within a time period. For instance, if a user were to click an ad in the same email twice within an hour, it would only be counted as one click. Excessive clicks would result in the impression not being counted at all. We have found this to be an effective tool at limiting the impact from bots as well as providing a truer reflection of the value of a click and impression to our advertisers.

Google Ad Manager (GAM)

For our Ad server clients, an extra layer of filtering is added by Google Ad Manager (GAM). Jeeng does not have control over this filtering. However, the methodology in use aligns with Jeeng right now.