How does Jeeng count impressions across its various product offerings?

Jeeng Adserve impression tracking

How does Jeeng count impressions?

Jeng provides the following metrics:

  • Requests the total number of times we received an ad request (ie a gross count of Opens)
  • Unique Opens a net measure of impressions that are valid after things like duplicate or invalid requests are removed.

How do the numbers in Google Ad Manager (GAM) relate to Jeeng’s portal numbers

There is not a 1-1 correlation between the numbers in the Jeeng Portal and GAM. In the portal, we show impressions only if we serve an impression. Unless we have backfill or an organic(fallback) campaign with that publisher, the Jeeng portal would usually show 0 requests.

If a publisher does not have backfill with us but is showing requests in the portal, it could be a sign of the Ad Unit not having enough direct demand and serving back a “No Content” response. In rarer cases, it might mean GAM being down.

How are different metrics tracked in GAM

When Jeeng receives an ad request, we will contact GAM to get an ad. If GAM acknowledges the response and responds, this will count as a “Code Served” in GAM and the “Total code served count” metric is incremented by one. At this point, this does not count as an impression and cannot be monetized.

If GAM cannot fill the request, ie it does not have any Line Items with demand that can satisfy the request (Jeeng does not do any decisioning at this point), GAM will respond back to Jeeng with a “No Content” response and the “Unfilled impressions” metric will be incremented by one.

If we receive an Ad back from GAM, we will redirect the user to the creative and fire an impression pixel to GAM to signal that the impression was served. This will increment the “Total impressions” metric in GAM by one.

Why does my ESP show more impressions than GAM?

Typically it is almost impossible for numbers between ESPs and GAM to match exactly, but one should expect the ESP numbers to be a little higher. However, when working with Jeeng Adserve, a few things need to be taken into account.

If GAM returns an Ad, then there should usually be close to a 1-1 relationship between the numbers, but in some scenarios, if we receive a No Content response from GAM or our request to GAM times out, GAM will not count this as an impression.

Effectively what this means is that inherently, it is likely that the number of impressions shown by an ESP will be higher than GAM shows.

Why do impressions in GAM not match requests shown in the Jeeng Portal?

As mentioned previously, there is not a 1-1 match between the numbers shown in GAM and the Jeeng Portal. Mostly, this is not an issue for Publishers who only use us for Jeeng AdServe. They are billed on the number of impressions shown in GAM.

For publishers who use backfill, they will typically be set up to prioritize their own internal demand before using us. In cases where they do not have demand, GAM will return a No Content response and mark the impression as unfilled. When attempting to match those numbers, you should compare “Unfilled Impressions” in GAM  to “Requests” in the Jeeng Portal. Again, this will not always be 1-1, but should be close.