Viewing Unfiltered Clicks in Google Ad Manager (GAM)

GAM has made some recent changes to how they filter out clicks. GAM is still allowing clicks to go to the landing page, but GAM has changed their criteria for whether a click is filtered or not from their metrics.

The main impact this has is that Ad server clicks has decreased in reporting even though Ad server unfiltered clicks has not decreased

This document provides details on how to retrieve the unfiltered metrics from GAM so understand the true measure of the traffic that is flowing through GAM



  1. Click Reports in the GAM UI


  1. Click New Report


  1. Set the date range to Last 30 days


  1. In the Dimensions section, under Time unit, select Date


  1. In the Metrics section, click All to see all the metrics


  1. Select the following Metrics


  1. Hit Run to see the report

Your report should now show the two metrics Ad server clicks and Ad server unfiltered clicks so that you can compare the two