Custom Ad Rendering Options

Utilizing our custom ad rendering feature? This document will cover the types of styling and capabilities available.


We can utilize most web fonts as long as there is a permissible license for use in advertising. A popular choice is Google Fonts which has an extensive and growing library of over 1000+ fonts available for use.

Common fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, and Times New Roman are not available as web fonts due to licensing but Google Fonts has alternatives for most of these:

Common Font Alternative
Arial Roboto
Helvetica Roboto
Georgia Gelasio
Times New Roman Source Serif Pro
Calibri Open Sans
Cambria PT Serif
Constantia PT Serif
Courier New Courier Prime
Trebuchet Fira Sans
Verdana Noto Sans
Consolas Source Code Pro
Comic Sans Comic Neue
Impact Anton
Corbel Cantarell

If your company utilizes custom fonts for your brands, you can also give us a permissible license to use your fonts in any custom ad rendering.


Any HEX, RGB, or RGBA colors can be utilized for font color, background, borders, or other elements visible in the custom ad rendering.


Any web safe images such as PNG, JPG, SVG, and WebP can be utilized in custom ad rendering. GIF images are also supported but if the image is animated, only the first frame of the image will be visible.