CNAMEs and Jeeng AdServer Security


Jeeng recommends that publishers whitelabel their ad URLs by using a CNAME. By using your own domain, the links in your emails will share the same domain reputation, your email will have a better non-SPAM score, and is less likely to be filtered out of your subscriber's inboxes. This all leads to better email deliverability.

If you are interested in setting up a CNAME for your ads, follow the instructions on this page and let your account representative know once the setup is complete.

Should you wish to stop using your primary domain, we recommend either using a secondary domain that you own, or Jeeng can set up a custom domain specific to you. Note that this custom domain will start with no reputation which may hurt your deliverability.

Jeeng AdServer Security

When setting up a CNAME, you may notice our AdServer infrastructure uses a piece of software called Traefik. Traefik is written in a language called Go and may be detected as "Golang net/http server". This software is used for load balancing traffic and managing SSL certificates. It does not act as a peer to peer service or a database. Its purpose is to serve images and redirect clicks to advertisement landing pages. In addition, our frontend infrastructure is configured to only expose HTTP/HTTPS services on two ports (80, 443) and block all other external traffic.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your account representative.