Can I Geotarget or Device target using Jeeng's GAM Email AdServe product?

Yes, but not using the traditional "Geotargeting" functionality found at the bottom of your line items. Explanation below:

Our system will automatically pass the following key value pairs (in bold) to GAM to help with targeting

Geotargeting options:

    • pi_geo_country: The values are the 2 letter iso codes for countries . So If you want to target a line item to only USA traffic, you would target to the key pi_geo_country for the value us.  The values for some common countries are listed below
      • USA:  us
      • Canada: ca
      • England: gb
      • Australia: au
      • New Zealand: nz
    • pi_geo_regioncode: The values are the ISO 3166-2 standard for regions. Each complete ISO 3166-2 code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen:
      • The first part is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country. For example us for USA
      • The second part is a string of up to three alphanumeric characters, which is usually obtained from national sources and stems from coding systems already in use in the country concerned, but may also be developed by the ISO itself. For example: co for Colorado

So if you wanted to target a line item to only traffic from the state of Colorado, you would target to the key pi_geo_regioncode with the value us-co

Full list of US state codes and Major Cities

      • pi_geo_city: The values are the name of the city. If you want to target a line item to only traffic from Paris, you would target to the key pi_geo_city with the value paris.
      • pi_geo_postalcode: The values are the us postal codes.
      • pi_geo_metrocode: The values  are the Nielsen DMA code. So If you want to target a line item based on DMA codes, you would target to the key pi_geo_metrocode with value being the appropriate metro code. Here is a copy of the DMA codes from 2014
    Proxy information:pi_proxy
          : this is set to true if the email client uses an image proxy. Gmail uses an image proxy and so if this is set to true it means the ad impression is from Gmail, as well as for Yahoo, Outlook and Apple Proxy.
    • pi_proxy_type: this is set to the name of the proxy (when pi_proxy is true). The currently supported values are below (see this document for an always up to date list). Publishers can use this to include/exclude different proxies or set different CPM values based on the traffic characteristics.
      • googleImage
      • yahooMail
      • outlook
      • apple
    • Please make sure to add the names of these Key Value Pairs to the “Key-values” section under the Inventory tab in GAM in order to target them in your line items

    For Apple Proxy traffic, the following fields will not be set as the data is of unknown accuracy:

    • pi_geo_city
    • pi_geo_postalcode
    • pi_geo_metrocode

    Apple Proxy (unlike some of the other proxy types) will still have accurate country detection and in most cases also state.