Can I exclude or explicitly target Apple Mail users through GAM?

Due to the Apple privacy updates, advertisers and publishers might have the desire to filter out Apple Mail users from their line items, or set up specific Apple Mail user campaigns.

Yes, using key value pairs in GAM, you will be able to explicitly target or exclude Apple Mail users. Here's how:

In GAM, you'll create a new key value named "pi_proxy_type" (please do not deviate from this naming convention). 

For the values, please add "apple" as the possible, predefined value like so:

Once complete, you will now be able to select this key value when setting up the targeting for line items. 

Once you select the inventory, you will find the pi_proxy_type under custom targeting, and then select to either exclude (is none of) or explicitly target (is any of) it, then select "apple" from the value options like so:

This will allow for you to continue targeting or exclude the Apple Mail user inventory in GAM.


  • We recommend including these key values in the reporting, which is an option you select when building the key value pair. This will help with reporting, billing, and more:
  • For help calculating new CPMs for any Apple Mail specific campaigns, here's a helpful calculator that can be used as needed.