Campaign Lines: What is it and how can I use it?

Easier targeting for advertisements

Prior to the release of Campaign Lines,  an advertiser could target specific countries or states, but they could not easily do inclusions or exclusions in the same campaign.
A great example is if an advertiser wants to target the 48 contiguous US but not Alaska and Hawaii, they would need to create 48 separate target lines for each of the states.
Now with the release of Campaign Lines, the advertiser can create one line, target US, and exclude AK and HI.  
 Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.45.01 PM
CPC, CPM, CPA  are all available but  you can only apply one type of bid per campaign (all target lines under the campaign must agree.) 


  • The search input will allow you to search all of the columns in any line

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.47.38 PM

  • Country codes and State codes can also be searched for
    • Example: You are looking for any Lines which Include Alaska, you can search type in US-AK or AK.  The list in the grid will filter to those only.

  • Special queries are also available when searching Lines:
    • active: device
    • active: traffic
    • active: geo
    • inactive: device
    • inactive: traffic
    • inactive: geo

Batch Update:

  • The button is only active if one or more line items has been selected (check boxes in the first column)
  • Also note that lines that have been filtered from the table will not be updated

Add New Line / Modal:

  • You will not be able to save unless some change has been made and all of the inputs are filled in as required
  • The name of the line will be validated for duplicates and there is a 150 character limit to the name
Geo Targeting:
  • Country/State
    • A country will be automatically expanded if a state you are searching for is part of that country
    • You can search for country codes and names
    • Selecting 'Inc' (Include) on a country itself will deselect any states that are individually included
    • Selecting 'Exc' (Exclude) on a country itself will deselect any states that are individually excluded
    • Any included or excluded countries and states will remain, even if geo targeting is turned off
  • ZIP Code
    • A CSV file with one ZIP code per row is required for uploading
      • Click the 'Upload' button and select the appropriate file from your system. Once the file is processed, all of the valid ZIP codes will show under the search bar. If any ZIP codes are invalid, a message will be shown at the bottom of the modal window.
    • The list of valid ZIP codes can either be included or excluded from targeting by selecting the appropriate radio button
    • A valid list of ZIP codes can be downloaded from the modal window if a list of ZIP codes was previously uploaded
    • The list of valid ZIP codes can be searched using the search input
    • Valid ZIP codes can be removed individually by clicking the 'X' next to the ZIP


  • Clicking the 'Export' button in an Add/Edit modal will export the current line as a JSON file


  • Clicking the 'Import' button in an Add/Edit modal will bring up a file menu that allows you to import a JSON file
  • Imported data will be applied over the current data in the modal
  • Clicking 'Cancel' will revert to the previous data that was present in the modal