Can 3rd Party Impression Trackers be used in email via GAM (Adserve)?

Yes! You accomplish this by using a creative template in GAM. Directions below:


> Creatives
             > Creative Templates

             > Select: 

> Label it: “Jeeng 3rd party impression tracker”

> Uncheck “Serve into a SafeFrame”

> Add the following variables: 

Type > File

  •    Label: Image

Type > URL

  •    Label: Click

Type > URL

  •    Label: TPIU

Then, insert this SNIPPET:

<a href="%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%[%Click%]" target="_new"><img src="[%Image%]"></a>
<meta name="impression_tracker" content="[%TPIU%]">

> Select “Save”

New Line Items:

Create a standard Line Item

Add Creatives

>User-defined template

      > Select “Jeeng 3rd party impression tracker”

Notes: We support DFA, and need to check other sources

Verifying impression tracking

If this is the first time you are setting up a campaign with impression tracking, let your account manager know so they can check the creative urls.

Note that the impression data may take a while to appear in your third-party tracker.


Q: For the 3rd party impression URLs, does %%CACHEBUSTER%% need to be changed to [CACHEBUSTER]?

A: No, %%CACHEBUSTER%% is the GAM macro so it will get replaced by GAM before we get the url.

Q: Can you use multiple impression trackers?

A: Yes. As long as there is a separate meta tag in the html snippet for each impression tracker.

Duplicate the following line and add a “1”, then “2”, etc as needed directly behind “TPIU” like so: “TPIU1”, “TPIU2”.

<a href="%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%[%Click%]" target="_new"><img src="[%Image%]"></a>
<meta name="impression_tracker" content="[%TPIU1%]">
<meta name="impression_tracker" content="[%TPIU2%]">